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DogSpace "Charlie" Extra Tall Extending Pet Gate

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Dogs - especially puppies and young ones - love to explore the world and your home and that's often done by sniffing at everything, chewing a little bit in a shoe and tasting anything they find on the ground or within reach of their paws or mouth.

As puppy parents, we know this. But sometimes it can also be a little too exhausting for all family members regardless of whether they have two or four legs.

With a dog gate, you can shield your four-legged friend from risky and undesirable areas. And you won't have to worry about what your home will look like if your dog has been home alone.

DogSpace Charlie is an extra tall pet gate that will fit into any opening between 62.5-106.8 cm/24.6-42 inches because of its flexible design. It's especially suited for mounting it at the top or bottom of stairs because the mounts are screwed into the wall for an extra secure fit.

You can open this pet gate with just one hand (but not with paws) and it opens both ways. And the quick-release feature lets you mount or remove the gate very easily.

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DogSpace "Charlie" Extra Tall Extending Pet Gate

£79.99 GBP
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