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DogSpace "Max" 2-in-1 Play Pen

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Product description

Create a room in the room for your dog with this flexible and extra-large room divider/puppy pen. A personal territory where your little puppy or grownup - but still very playful - four-legged friend can romp about as much as he or she wants.

This is actually a 2 in 1 product.

The 5 sections fold into a pentagon shaped puppy pen. Perfect for those first weeks and months where you can create a safe space for your new little family member. His or her own personal space - free of any potential puppy dangers. And a place to give both your pup (and maybe you) a little rest when needed from exploring the house.

When your pup grows older and needs more space you can fold out the puppy pen and convert it to a room divider.
The gate comes with wall fittings so after you don’t need the pen you can use it to create a room in the room for your dog.A practical room divider that makes it easy to create a temporary or permanent division of any room to shield your best friend from any risky or undesirable areas.

The DogSpace Max multi-expandable Pet room divider fits into both large and small rooms with a length ranging from 90-350 cm depending on how many sections you use. And the flexible design lets you shape the room divider in any shape you like. If you have a very large or long room you can always buy extra sections (33 cm/13 inches or 72 cm/28.3 inches) to extend your room divider indefinitely.

The gate is extra wide, opens both ways and can be placed in any section of the room divider. The gate can even be operated with one hand (but not with paws).

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DogSpace "Max" 2-in-1 Play Pen

£174.99 GBP
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