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DogSpace "Rocky" Extra Tall Multi-Expandable Pet Gate

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Do you have a medium to a large-sized dog? And do you want to make and create a personal territory, a safe space for your four-legged family member?

Then DogSpace Rocky is perfect for the task. With a total height of 104.5 cm/41.1 inches, this pet gate is specially designed for medium to large dogs.

On top of that this is is one of our most flexible pet gates. The smart design lets you create and make the personal territory for your dog in any shape you - and your furry family member - like.

DogSpace Rocky can be configured to fit into any home and opening. Mount it to the walls, in a door frame, or any way you like. When assembled all sections are adjustable and can be places in any order you'd like for easy configuration. In the package are also a pair of swivel wall fittings which makes it easy to attach the pet gate to any door frame or wall.

This pet gate covers any opening between 90-221 cm/35.5-87.01 inches - but if you like you can actually extend it with extra sections to a total length of 340 cm/134 inches (they come in lengths of 71 cm/28 inches and are sold separately). So which shape you would like your DogSpace Rocky pet gate to have is all up to you.

DogSpace Rocky comes with an extra-wide door section that can be placed in any section of the pet gate. The door is easily operated with just one hand (but not paws) and opens both ways.

With the quick-release feature, you can easily demount and remove the pet gate from the wall fittings when you need full access.

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DogSpace "Rocky" Extra Tall Multi-Expandable Pet Gate

£189.99 GBP
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