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Gorpets Gor Sustain Curly Ball

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Product description

Introducing Gor Sustain – the eco-friendly way to fetch and play that ensures endless fun while reducing our environmental pawprint. Tailored for dogs and designed to be both entertaining and sustainable, Gor Sustain is a revolutionary range of toys made from 100% GRS-certified recycled rubber.

Key Features:

  1. Eco-Friendly Material: Gor Sustain toys are made with 100% GRS-Certified recycled rubber, making them an environmentally conscious choice for pet owners who care about their carbon pawprint.
  2. Versatile Play: The range includes rubber balls and the innovative Ultima Launcher, providing versatile options for interactive play. The Ultima Launcher comes with specifically designed Ultima Balls, perfect for outdoor play and easy throwing.
  3. Treat-Dispensing Fun: Enhance playtime by using the curly balls and shark balls as treat dispensers. Hide treats inside, allowing dogs to engage with the toys and providing mental stimulation during play.
  4. Durable Design: The Ultima Launcher is exceptionally durable, ensuring long-lasting play sessions. The Ultima Balls and Shark balls feature a squeaker inside, adding an extra element of excitement to every fetch.
  5. Outdoor Play: For lightweight outdoor play, the air ball and air rope ball provide a bouncy and buoyant experience. Perfect for fetching and retrieving in various environments.
  6. Building Bonds: Gor Sustain toys are not just about play; they’re about building a strong bond between pets and their owners. Whether filling the toys with treats or launching balls across the park, interaction is key.
  7. Floats in Water: Take the fun to the water! Gor Sustain toys float, making them ideal for play in lakes, pools, or any water environment.
  8. Vibrant Variety: Each style of Gor Sustain comes in three unique colours, allowing pet owners to choose toys that match their dog’s personality or their preferences.

Experience the joy of playing with your furry friend while making a positive impact on the planet. Gor Sustain is not just a range of toys; it’s a commitment to a greener, more playful world for pets and their owners.

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Gorpets Gor Sustain Curly Ball

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